TIP: How to calculate your moving or storage volume

You may have noticed that the description of our boxes includes their volume in litres.

For example 100L Tea Chest & 50L Book Boxes … why?

When seeking moving quotes you will be asked to estimate the volume in cubic metres of the items that are to be moved. One cubic metre is the equivalent of 1,000 Litres … so by adding up the volumes of all your packing boxes you will determine the load (in cubic metres) to be quoted by a removalist.

EXAMPLE: Here’s a list of the packing boxes that you have ready to be moved:

  • 15 x 100L Tea Chest Cartons = 1,500 Litres;
  • 20 x 50L Book/Glassware Cartons = 1,000 Litres; AND
  • 2 x 150L Linen Boxes = 300 Litres.

TOTAL = 2,800 LITRES = 2.8 CUBIC METRES … In this example you need to seek a quote to move 2.8 Cubic Metres.

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