Carbon Neutral

BoxNgo Boxes is an accredited carbon neutral business.

Like you we care for the environment. When you purchase from BoxNgo you will have the comfort of knowing our products and services are carbon neutral.

Global warming is changing the way the world does business. Consumers are demanding low carbon products and services – we are proud that our Company, BoxNgo, is certified NoC02.   Our NoC02 certification means that we have measured, reduced and offset our total greenhouse gas impact.

The NoC02 certification means we are carbon neutral as we have negated all greenhouse emissions that occur because of our operation. NoC02 certification is the highest form of certification offered by the Carbon Reduction Institute. BoxNgo is an accredited carbon neutral business.

How does BoxNgo offsets emissions with carbon credits?

Offsetting emissions is a process whereby we buy carbon credits to neutralise our global warming impact. Each carbon credit bought represents the abatement or sequestration of one tonne of C02 equivalent greenhouse gases – or carbon emissions – from the atmosphere.   We purchase carbon credits through the Carbon Reduction Institute.

The certification process.

We have a contract with the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI). We must buy accredited carbon credits to offset our actual emissions from operations. We must report to the Carbon Reduction Institute each quarter on all our directly controllable emissions, including flights, electricity consumption and waste. The emissions from these sources are then offset each quarter. This is performed through CRI’s online emissions reporting portal.To cover off on any uncertainties in this approach, we have agreed to a quarterly full carbon audit.