Quality Australian Made Packing, Moving & Shipping Boxes

Rest assured, the shipping cartons, packing and moving boxes you buy in this store are made to exacting Australian standards. The boxes are strong! Our packing and moving boxes are a lot cheaper than you’ll buy elsewhere but the quality has not been compromised.

Budget Moving Packs for House, Unit & Students

We understand that moving can be a stressful time, and your focus will be on moving costs! We have a range of budget moving packs to help you save. Our most popular moving pack costs of 35 moving boxes and a 6 roll sleeve of packing tape. It is heavily discounted and an ideal moving box pack to get you started.

Adjustable Wall Packing, Moving & Shipping Boxes

Most of our packing boxes, moving boxes, removal boxes and shipping boxes have pre-scored groves along the sides. It makes for easy height adjustment. Simply cut down to the desired height. This feature eliminates the need for additional void fill and need to stock multiple box sizes.